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Where is a seamless steel tube manufacturer with a complete production process and equipment in China?

Views:53     Author:Tenjan     Publish Time: 2019-12-09      Origin:www.tenjan.net

Where is a seamless steel tube manufacturer with a complete production process and equipment in China?

The seamless steel tube in the manufacturing process often come out surface imperfection, pitting, peeling, cracking and other problems. These problems will directly affect the yield, delivery time and final value. Many manufacturers face these problems can not be well controlled because of the lack of a complete set of production processes and equipment. Only with good equipment and facilities can we control the product quality perfectly.

In Changzhou Wujin Henglin industrial area, there is a steel tube manufacturer with 15+ years production experience and self-made improved perforated, heat treatment, pickling, cold drawn, cold rolled, straightening, detection equipment. Millions are spent every year on facility improvements. Now the major equipment and facilities have been greatly improved to avoid pitting, peeling, cracking and other problems. Tenjan steel tube complete production process and equipment advantages mainly have the following points.

Perforation, heat treatment

Perforation process creates surface pitting, a large part of the reason is due to some of manufacturers perforation furnace and heat treatment furnace is shorter, less heating time, round steel is heated unevenly. We have the longer perforation and the heat treatment furnace, because the length advantage, causes the round steel to receive the heat fully uniform, reduces the surface pitting phenomenon to produce.



Peracid is also one of the important reasons for the pitting on the surface of seamless steel tube. Some of manufacturers do not have the qualification of pickling pool construction and have no experience in pickling time of different steel grades and specifications, leading to over acid of seamless steel tube. We have more than 15 years of acid pickling experience, and has accumulated data for each steel mark and specification, which has a good solution to the seamless steel pipe too acid problem.

steel tube pickling

Cold drawn and cold rolling

Cold drawn and cold rolling is one of the reasons for the cracking of seamless steel tube, some of manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, not enough production steps, resulting in seamless steel tube mechanical performance is not up to the requirements. Tenjan steel tube is a seamless steel tube factory, integrity management. We are the main supplier of auto parts manufacturers, cracking problem will be not happened.

Cold Drawingcold rolling
Cold Drawing 
Cold Rolling


With poor straightening equipment, the problem of thin wall pipe straightening and cracking can not be solved. Tenjan has imported advanced straightening equipment, straightening force controllable.


Crack detection

Tenjan steel tube is equipped with professional eddy-current inspection equipment, which can detect the pitting, pits, cracks and other defects on the outer surfaces of seamless steel tube.

crack detection

Where is a seamless steel tube manufacturers with a complete production process and equipment in China?

The Tenjan Steel Tube Co., Ltd will give you a satisfied reply. Tenjan has advantages not only in equipment, but also in inspection. Over 60+ channel inspection records, each steel tubes will be inspected before shipment.

Service Concept: thankful mind and sincere enthusiastic attitude make customers have "satisfactory selection, secure purchase, and happy utilization".

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