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  • Cold Drawn Steel Tube
    Tenjan Steel Tube provides a variety of Cold Drawn Seamless tubing, Shaped Tubes, Cold Drawn Welded Pipes and Cold Drawn Steel Bars. Cold Drawn Steel Tube offers uniform tolerances, enhanced machinability, and increased strength and tolerances compared to hot-rolled products. Cold Drawing process increases the tube's physical properties and offers better tolerances and reduced machining allowances over hot finish seamless.
  • Free Cutting Steel Tube
    Tenjan has succeeded in producing seamless tube from free-cutting steel. Its high sulphur concentration offers advantages in machining operations such as turning, milling or drilling, with better chip formation and longer tool life. Free cutting steel tubes are guaranteed lead-free to protect the environment.
  • Precision Seamless Steel Tubes ASTMA519/A106/A500 DIN1629/17121/2391EN10305 JIS3441/3444/3445
    Seamless precision tubes are produced using the cold drawn process. It can be supplied as cut tubes and bent tubes. Cut tubes are designed especially for manufacturers of automotive components.Precision steel tubes from our production satisfy the requirements for the following applications: components for the vehicle drivetrain, cars and motorcycle suspension systems, components for body and chassis, vehicle control systems and others.
  • Alloy Steel Tubes for Mechanical Engineering
    Chrome-molybdenum steel pipe, Manganese titanium steel pipe and other Alloy steel pipes, exported overseas for more than 10 years with experience. 30crmo, 25crmo4, 20crmnti, 16mncr5, 40mn2, 34mnb5, 4140 and other alloy steels offered. Ask and get a quote now!
  • Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe
    --Precise custom outer diameter and inner diameter --Tight tolerances, resulting in reduced machine time / Dimensional accuracy --Smooth and Clean OD and ID surfaces --Excellent machining characteristics --Wider range of physical properties attainable through process and annealing options
  • Cold-drawn Steel Bar
    Introducation:Cold-drawn steel bars in different shapes.
    Outside Diameter: 15-60mm, 0.59-2.36inch

    Shapes: hexagonal, square, round, trapezoidal, etc.


    Raw materials from "Baosteel", "Xingcheng steel", including carbon steel, alloy steel, and free-cutting steel.

    Our advantage is that we have a complete production process and use high quality raw materials. The quality can be controlled and the size and shape can be customized according to your requirements.



  • Bolted Rebar Coupler
    TenJan Mechanically bolted Coupler provides a cost effective method of jointing reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place and there is insufficient place for a hydraulic swagging press. They are easy to install and suitable for yield strength of grade 500 reinforcing bar. Neither bar end preparation to form the thread, nor bar rotation are required.t Mechanically bolted couplers can also be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.




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